1. Environmental protection

    Environmental policy to comply with the law of energy conservation and consumption reduction innovation technology continuous cycle

    Million run photoelectric, environmental protection as one of corporate social responsibility.

    Through the effective production of technological innovation and environmental protection equipment put into use, will reduce emissions of pollutants to the minimum.

    Through the use of clean and efficient energy, recycling of emissions to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection purposes.

    We have a dedicated staff responsible for environmental monitoring, and actively communicate with the relevant environmental protection departments, so as to enhance the

    Environmental awareness.

    We strictly comply with the laws and regulations related to the environment, while improving the environmental protection measures

  2. Safety production

    Establish a strict safety standardization system,

    Imported concentration detection equipment and handheld detection equipment,

    Reasonable fire facilities and warning signs,

    Strengthen team building and daily inspection,

    And through the safety manual, monthly report and employee safety training to improve the employee's occupational health and safety awareness