Company profile

   YANGZHOU ALVIN OPTOELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY Co,Ltd  was founded in 2007, is a professional film production factory, can provide from ultra light to overweight peel strength, transparent and coloured, single-sided, double-sided silicon release, non silicon release, the fluorine release, anti static ionization film products. The products have the characteristics of stable peeling force, high residual rate, super clean and so on. It is the first choice of electronic adhesive, die cutting, OCA coating, FPC flexible circuit board, industrial carrier tape, MLCC ceramic capacitor and so on.

The company has built 5000 square meters of 1000 clean workshop with a number of constant temperature and humidity, precision coating slitting production line and on-line removing dust, electrostatic, defect detection equipment, and equipped with detection equipment has a variety of imports, through the standardization of standard operating procedures, to ensure the stability of the maximum performance of the product.

The company has a number of years engaged in the coating industry, the backbone of technology, not only to provide you with quality products, but also to provide you with sincere service.